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Regulations Management

Staying current on regulatory issues impacting Member Companies and their products and services, and informing them of the impact of existing regulations and changes that occur from time to time.


Administrative Solutions

Identifying and developing administrative process solutions to enhance business flow, tighten controls and address compliance concerns.


Developing Products

Identifying synergies between Member Companies to work together in developing enhanced products, streamline administrative processes, and strengthen compliance controls.


Member Companies

Working with Member Companies, the American Advantage Association is actively engaged


Customer Affinity

Developing customer affinity solutions to meet members and individuals needs.


Accessibility Development

Enhancing the accessibility of products and services for members.

About Us

The American Advantage Association has
been serving its Members since 1982.

The American Advantage Association has been serving its Members as a community since 1982. We believe in community, that everyone is better off when part of a community; and that we accomplish more and achieve greater satisfaction when working together in community. We work with member companies and individuals across America bringing together those sharing common objectives or challenges in pursuit of solutions. Our member companies include some of the nation's top financial institutions, insurance companies, marketing agencies, tax preparation professionals, pharmacies and benefit administrators, among others as Organization Members. Individuals receive the benefits of these efforts by gaining access to many of the resulting improved products and services through an Individual Membership.

In our overall efforts, we seek to promote a Solutions Mindset that is empowered by caring relationships, ownership of our work, and integrity in our communications and practices.

These guiding principles enable us to more effectively care about the needs of our members and partners; and we strive to provide the best possible service with compassion, professionalism, and integrity.

  • A Solutions Mindset:

    We are committed to identifying proactive solutions in each and every interaction. We believe placing blame and making excuses is bad business while seeking and implementing solutions paves the path to success.

  • Caring Relationships:

    We believe we must actually see people and treat them as such. We believe work is personal. People put their heart and soul into their work and take if very personally. In the midst of the pressures present in business, it is often easy to forget we are actually dealing with people. We labor to see the people we work with, consider their objectives and circumstances and interact with appropriate respect.

  • Ownership of our work:

    We believe there is much in our work that is outside of our control. We believe that deciphering between what we actually have control over and what we don’t is instrumental to effective and productive work. People too often spend their energies attempting to manage the myriad of things outside their control, which distracts them from effectively working on those things they can control. We encourage our members to take full ownership and responsibility for those things under their control while acknowledging those things they cannot.

  • Integrity in our communications and practice:

    We believe the truth is safe and strive to seek it out in everything we do. The pressures of the workplace too often result in playing games that distract from effectively finding solutions. To that end, we believe we must carefully consider the commitments we make before making them and follow through on the commitments we have made. We believe mistakes happen and must quickly admit to our own in order to maintain and effective solutions mindset.


Individual / Company

Individual Memberships

The American Advantage Association works with some of the Nation's top financial institutions, insurance companies, marketing agencies, and administrators in developing new, improved and more affordable products and services. Individual Members receive the benefits of these efforts by gaining access to many of these new, improved and more affordable products and services through a number of association membership plans.

Company Memberships

The American Advantage Association is committed to working with Member Companies in identifying enhanced administrative processes, staying current on regulatory issues, developing customer affinity solutions and developing new programs. Member companies benefit in the following ways:

  • Obtaining access to the combined knowledge and past experiences gathered from other member companies in their industry or a related industry.
  • By identifying synergies to work with other member companies to accomplish shared objectives.
  • Gaining leverage toward accomplishing objectives by being part of a larger group with similar objectives and concerns.
  • Identifying opportunities to share resources with other member companies to accomplish shared objectives.
  • Providing their members, customers and employees with access to many of the benefits, products, and services developed through the Association members combined efforts.
  • Realizing new acquisition channels for their products and services through other Association Members.

Industry Verticals

  • Pharmacy Benefits

    Working with pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, health plan administrators and plan sponsors in the development on pharmacy benefit plan solutions and enhanced pricing and administrative processes.

  • Tax Preparation

    Working with transmitters, technology companies, tax preparation professionals, insurance companies and identity theft protection companies in the development of tax preparation process, security and protection solutions.

  • Automobile Services

    Working with roadside assistance companies, auto protection benefit providers, insurance companies and administrators in the development of enhanced automobile ownership service, protection and security solutions.

  • Consumer Convenience

    Working with online travel agencies, online consumer coupon and shopping solutions, online entertainment and dining coupon & gift certificate companies and other consumer convenience service organizations in developing enhanced consumer convenience solutions.

  • HealthCare

    Working with insurance companies, administrators, discount medical benefit organizations, insurance agencies and other related organization in the development of improved healthcare benefit solutions.

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